Welcome to Lamé Lifesaver. Please excuse the name; I expected this thread would be popular with sport fencers for repair of lamés, but it turns out there is a much larger user group in wearable electronics and, recently, frustrated touch screen users.

Look on the "Ideas" page to see some of the things that people have done with this thread. Look on the "Destinations" page if you're interested in all the places in the world that this thread has travelled to.

Many people with iPhones and similar devices are finding that they can't be used in regular gloves, and are looking to buy thread to make a fingertip conductive. For this, you don't need 200 yards of thread, so to save you money on thread and on postage, I'm offering ten yards of thread (still enough for a lot of fingers) mailed by regular letter mail for $10 CDN anywhere in the world. If that's what you need, simply pay $10 CDN to ubik@shaw.ca via this link:

Questions or comments? New ideas you'd like to share? Email me here at ubik@shaw.ca