Bear with me, please. This is a new version of the web site, and it's not quite finished (as of Jan 1st 2010, at least). My intention is to gather together links to instructables, books and any other resources that may be of use to you in making best use of the thread. I'll add to this as the opportunity to research arises, but I'll also be quite happy to accept suggestions for additional links. Just mail them to this email address and I'll inccorporate them as appropriate.


The following authors have all bought thread from me at one time or another:

Diana Eng's "Fashion Geek" - all sorts of ideas to get your little grey cells racing

Syuzi Pakhchyan's "Fashioning Technology" - more ideas in the same vein

Alison Lewis' Switch Craft - yet more ideas.


DIY iPod Gloves - sew many links, but this one seems popular

DIY iPhone Glove - another example


Andrew Lau's brilliant Hallowe'en cloak

CBC Spark Podcast - the CBC discovers how to make gloves iPhone-compatible.


A review of available conductive threads;

A source of conductive fabrics and the like. Bear in mind that a lot of the available fabrics and threads are quite high resistance, suitable for static dissipation but not for carrying current.

A source for low resistance metallized fabric. Expensive -was $50 per sq yd five years ago - but well under 5 ohms / sq

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